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Legal Notice

Bondex prohibits use of its platform or any of its services to citizens or residents of Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, or any other sanctioned jurisdiction.

US Citizens or Residents:

Accredited US citizens, or residents are able to participate in Bondex Pre-sale upon submitting proof of their accredited investor status. Please contact to begin the whitelisting process.

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Only verified users can purchase BNDX tokens. Click the “verify me” button to be redirected to KYC verification on your mobile phone or tablet.
Note: If you are already verified, skip to “Buy BNDX token”

The minimum purchase amount 3333 BNDX tokens (500 USD).

Enter the desired token amount and click “Pay Using Coin payments” button.

Depending on the chosen payment tokens block confirmation time; it may take up to 45 minutes for BNDX tokens to show up in your wallet.

Add custom token

Upon completion of purchase add custom token in your wallet with following information:

Contact address: 0x2cb7216E0A9C4276770c09839e4c4278c9E5B076
Name: Bondex IOU token
Symbol: OBNX
Dec: 18

Pre-Sale buyers will receive an OBNX token. OBNX is a Bondex IOU token which will be exchanged 1:1 for BNDX tokens upon Bondex ICO launch.

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